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Enhance your visibility and clarity of the road ahead with NAPA Nightvision Premium Headlamps. NAPA NIGHTVISION Lamps are made with added brightness & whiteness, for increased visibility and safety. All NAPA NIHGTVISION Lamps carry industry leading warranties up to three years.

Driving at Night with NAPA NightVision Premium Headlamps

00:00 — Do you want to see better and drive safer at night? [25% of driving happens at night, but 50% of accidents occur after dark.]

00:03 — When you upgrade to NAPA NightVision Premium Headlamps, you will! [NightVision Xenon with a 1-year warranty; NightVision Brilliant with a 3-year warranty; NightVision Vivid with a 2-year warranty; NightVision Clear with a 1-year warranty.]

00:08 — NAPA NightVision lamps feature brighter, wider light for increased down-road and side-road visibility. [Brighter light than standard bulbs. Greater depth perception.]

00:15 — Choose from four levels of innovative lamps, for the light that’s right for you.

00:20 — All have industry-leading warranties, up to three years.

00:23 — Want our whitest light? Upgrade to NightVision Xenon, our lamp that most closely resembles HID and LED headlamps. [Intense white light. Premium HID/LED appearance. Top performance meets style.]

00:30 — And, remember when one lamp fails, the other isn’t far behind. Always change headlamps in pairs, so you’ll have matching performance and equal visibility down the road.

00:44 — [Optimal brightness. Maximum visibility. Increased safety.] Choose the best lamps: NAPA NightVision.

00:48 — Choose to see better. Drive safer tonight with NAPA NightVision Premium automotive headlamps. [Lighting America’s way since 1928.]

NAPA Lamps - NAPA Nightvision Xenon Lamps

NAPA Nightvision Xenon Lamps

Designed to produce an intense white light NAAP NIGHTVISION XENON lamps provide a premium appearance like that of HID.  The combination of Xenon gas and a deep blue optical coating provides the whitest light in NIGHTVISION™ line of headlamps.  Our NIGHTVISION XENON lamps come with a 1-year warranty

NAPA Nightvision Brilliant

Enhanced proprietary optical coatings produce the whitest light in the NIGHTVIVISOIN lineup generating a look and style that contends with HID lamps. Our NAPA NIGHTVISION BRILLIANT LAMPS provide evenly distributed light pattern for increased visibility of the road and deliver the whitest and brightest light for great depth perception and contrast resulting in the best down road and side road visibility. Our NAPA NIGHTVISION BRILLIANT LAMPS come with an industry leading 3-year warranty.

NAPA Lamps - NAPA Nightvision Brilliant
NAPA Lamps - NAPA Nightvision Vivid

NAPA Nightvision Vivid

NAPA NIGHTVISION Vivid Lamps have a proprietary optical coating that produce a whiter light output than a standard halogen light.  NAPA NIGHTVISION Vivid Lamps create an evenly distributed light pattern increases visibility of the road deliver whiter and brighter light for great depth perception and contrast allowing for better down road and side road visibility. Our NAPA NIGHTVISION Vivid Lamps come with a 2-year warranty. 

NAPA Nightvision Clear

NAPA NIGHTVISION Vivid Lamps provide good down road and side road visibility and deliver brighter light than Original Equipment and standard replacement lights. Our NAPA NIGHTVISION CLEAR Lamps come with a 1-year warranty.

NAPA Lamps -NAPA Nightvision Clear
NAPA Lamps - NAPA Nightvision LED Fog and LED Sealed Beams

NAPA Nightvision LED Fog

NAPA NIGHTVISION LED FOG LAMPS with inline control module for 12 volt compatibility provide ultra-white 6000K color and output 1,900 lumens. Providing up to 1,200 life hours NAPA NIGHTVISION LED FOG LAMPS carry an industry leading 5-year warranty.

NAPA Nightvision LED Sealed Beam

NAPA NIGHTVISION LED SEALED BEAMS provide ultra-white 6000K color and output 1,900 lumens. NAPA NIGHTVISION LED SEALED BEAMS include glass lens and durable powder coated aluminum housing, are DOT certified and  last up to 10x longer than halogen lamps.  NAPA NIGHTVISION LED SEALED BEAMS carry a 3-year warranty.

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