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Rain-X® Helps Drivers Feel Prepared and In Control

For the last 50 years, Rain-X® has provided drivers with quality windshield wipers and car care products to enhance driving visibility, clean automotive glass, and protect exterior surfaces. Designed with advanced technology that keeps you one step ahead of the elements.

Rain-X® Silicone AdvantEdge® Wiper Blade

Rain-X® Silicone AdvantEdge® features precision-engineered silicone rubber designed to outperform traditional rubber squeeges and withstand the toughest conditions. It lasts 2X longer for ultimate durability and provides superior wipe quality in the most extreme temperatures; it won’t crack in the heat or freeze in the cold.

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Rain-X® Latitude® Water Repellency Wiper Blade

These revolutionary 2-in-1 wiper blades provide an innovative solution to both clear and repel the elements for ultimate driving visibility. In addition to the wipe quality you’ve come to expect from Rain-X, these wipers also treat your windshield with a water repelling coating so water magically beads up and rolls away while you drive!

Rain-X® Weatherbeater® Wiper Blade

For over 20 years, Rain-X® Weatherbeater® is still known and trusted for its quality and value.

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