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Royal Purple® focuses exclusively on developing super premium, synthetic lubricants and chemical products that provide unsurpassed performance and protect for your vehicle.Trust Royal Purple, the Synthetic Expert.


Ready for your vehicle to outperform? Royal Purple’s premium synthetic motor oils provide superior performance and protection for a variety of vehicle applications. Our motor oil line covers gasoline and diesel vehicles under warranty; high performance and out of warranty; high mileage over 75,000 miles; and racing oils.


0:05 – 0:08 – SUPER: No Matter What You Drive

0:08 – 0:12 – SUPER: Trust the Synthetic Experts

0:13 – 0:15 – SUPER: Royal Purple Doesn’t Just Meet Industry Standards

0:16– 0:20 – SUPER: We Exceed Them

0:21 – 0:24 – SUPER: High Performance Synthetic Motor Oils

0:25 – 0:32 – SUPER: Carry the Current SPI and ILSAC Engine Oil Licenses as well as the GM Dexos 1 Gasoline Oil Approval.

0:33 – 0:40 – SUPER: Performance Advantages

2X Greater Protection Against Oil Breakdown

6X Reduction in Engine Wear

0:41 – 0:46 – SUPER: New & Improved Euro Formula

0:47 – 0:53 – SUPER: Euro 0W-40 & 5W-40 Meet API Service SP and ACEA A3/B4-21

0:54 – 1:01 – SUPER: Performance Advantages

Better Wear Protection Maximizes Engine Component Life

Superior Corrosion Protection No Rust Observed in Standard Industry Testing

Increased Fuel Efficiency a Low Coefficient of Friction Results in Optimized Fuel Efficiency

1:02 – 1:06 – SUPER: HMX Synthetic High Mileage Motor Oil

1:07 – 1:14 – SUPER: Specifically Formulated for Older Vehicles with 75,000+ Miles

1:15 – 1:23 – SUPER: Performance Advantages

Better Wear Protection Maximized Engine Component Life

Reconditions Hardened Seals Reduces Oil Consumption

Cleanliness Protection Against Deposit and Sludge Formation

1:24 – 1:28 – SUPER: Duralec Super Diesel Motor Oil with Synthetic Technology

1:29 – 1:36 – SUPER: Performance That Exceeds the Toughest Industry Standards

1:37 – 1:45 – SUPER: Performance Advantages

Durability Wear Protection and Reduced Power Loss

Extended Drain Interval Superior Thermal and Oxidation Control

Cleanliness Protection Against Deposit and Sludge Formation

1:46 – 1:51 – SUPER: Now Available Duralec Super Diesel Motor Oil with Synthetic Technology SAE 5W-40

1:52 – 1:56 – SUPER: HPS Synthetic High Performance Street Motor Oil

1:57 – 2:04 – SUPER: Specifically Formulated for High Performance and Modified Engines

2:05 – 2:13 – SUPER: Performance Advantages

Extends Engine Life Reduces Engine Wear and Heat

Maximized Horsepower & Torque Improved Sealing Between Piston Ring and Cylinder Wall

Reduces Engine Deposits and Keeps Engines Clean

2:14 – 2:18 – SUPER: XPR Synthetic Extreme Performance Racing Oils

2:19 – 2:26 – SUPER: Specifically Formulated for Use in Various Racing Applications.

2:27 – 2:35 – SUPER: Performance Advantages

Greater Wear Protection on Startup

Increases Horsepower

Extends Equipment Life

2:36 – 2:40 – SUPER: Engine Break-In Oil

2:41 – 2:48 – SUPER: Specifically Formulated to Optimize Wear Protection During the Sensitive Engine Break-In Phase

2:49 – 2:57 – SUPER: Performance Advantages

Optimizes Wear Protection

Protects Engine Valve Train and Camshaft

Allows New Piston Rings to Seat to Engine Cylinder Walls

2:58 – 3:02 – SUPER: Max-Atomizer Fuel Injector Cleaner

3:03 – 3:10 – SUPER: Specifically Formulated to Improve Fuel Economy and Enhance Power and Performance.

3:11 – 3:19 – SUPER: Performance Advantages

Restores Fuel Economy

Maximizes Horsepower

Improves Responsiveness

3:20 – 3:24 – SUPER: Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaner

3:25 – 3:32 – SUPER: Specifically Formulated to Maximize the Performance of Your Fuel System.

3:33 – 3:41 – SUPER: Performance Advantages

Restores Fuel Economy

Maximizes Horsepower

Prevents Rough Idle

3:42 – 3:46 – SUPER: Max-Boost Octane Booster and Stabilizer

3:47 – 3:54 – SUPER: Specifically Formulated with MMT to Deliver the Best Octane Enhancement.

3:55 – 4:03 – SUPER: Performance Advantages

Raises Octane Rating

Restores Power & Fuel Economy

Stabilizes Fuel

4:04 – 4:08 – SUPER: Max Gear High Performance Gear Oil

4:09 – 4:16 – SUPER: Specifically Formulated to Provide Maximum Protection to Heavily Loaded Gears.

4:17 – 4:25 – SUPER: Performance Advantages

Maximizes Horsepower

Extends Gear and Bearing Life

Reduces Operating Temperature

4:26 – 4:30 – SUPER: Synchromax High Performance Manual Transmission Fluid

4:31 – 4:38 – SUPER: Specifically Formulated to Provide Improved Shift Quality Over a Wide Temperature Range and Reduced Gear Noise.

4:39 – 4:47 – SUPER: Performance Advantages

Greater Wear Protection

Smoother Shifts

Rust & Corrosion Protection

4:48 – 4:53 – SUPER: Max ATF Synthetic Multi-Spec High Performance Automatic Transmission Fluid

4:54 – 5:00 – SUPER: Specifically Formulated for High Performance Automatic Transmissions

5:01 – 5:09 – SUPER: Performance Advantages

High Film Strength

Reduces Heat & Wear

Extends Transmission Life

5:13 – 5:16 – SUPER: Are You Ready to Outperform?


0:00       At Royal Purple we develop synthetic lubricants that outperform

0:04       On reliability, performance, efficiency, and sustainability

0:09       from the race track to the cul-de-sac

0:14       from on the clock to the ship dock

0:19       for the highest performance now and protection for the future


0:24       no matter what drives you, Royal Purple


Royal Purple High Performance Synthetic Motor Oil exceeds the toughest industry standards providing 6x increase in valve train wear protection and 2x greater resistance to oil oxidation*


Royal Purple Performance chemicals MAXIMIZE performance, RESTORE fuel economy and keep fuel systems clean! Royal Purple’sPerformance Chemicals are formulated to improve fuel economy and restore power for gasoline and diesel vehicles, boats, and lawn and seasonal equipment.

Royal Purple performance chemicals maximize performance, restore fuel economy, and keep fuel systems clean. 

Throughout the fuel system, Royal Purple provides the enhanced performance you want and the superior protection you need to keep your car running like new. 

Royal Purple Max-Atomizer quickly cleans clogged and coked fuel injectors to restore maximum injector flow, stabilizing ethanol and maximizing horsepower, restoring fuel economy and improving responsiveness.

Max-Clean is a state-of-the-art fuel system cleaner and stabilizer that deeply penetrates deposits and cleans injectors, carburetors, intake valves and combustion chambers, maximizing performance, restoring fuel economy, and stabilizing fuel. 

Max-Boost is a high-performance booster and stabilizer, designed for turbocharged, supercharged, nitrous-injected engines and engines equipped with carburetors, port fuel injection and direct injection. Max-Boost increases gasoline octane, enhances engine performance, and stabilizes fuel.

Max-Tane Total Diesel Performance is an all-in-one, all-season diesel additive, specifically formulated to eliminate the problems in high-pressure common rail diesel injection systems. Restoring fuel economy and improving engine start up and reliability in all types of diesel exhaust emission systems. 

Purple-Ice is a high-performance radiator conditioner that works with antifreeze to defend against corrosion and deposits, and decreases the surface tension of radiator coolant, reducing engine temperature and optimizing cooling system operation and life. 

No matter what you drive, drive farther with Royal Purple’s performance chemicals. 

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