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As the #1 selling motor oil at U.S. retail*, it’s no secret that Mobil 1 puts exceptional performance first. That’s why Mobil 1 motor oil is engineered to deliver peace of mind every time you put rubber to road. From specialty formulas designed for your ride, to car care tips to keep you in the know, you can count on Mobil 1 to get you there.


0:00 – SUPER: How to Change your oil

0:01– SUPER: Conducting any maintenance on a motor vehicle can involve risks. Exercise due caution at all times and consult a professional if unsure about anything.

0:01 – VO: Hi. Today I’m going to show you how to change the oil in your car. If you’re unsure which tools you’ll need, pause the video now and have a look at this list we put togther for you.

0:12 – SUPER: Mobil 1 Filter; Mobil 1 Oil; Funnel; Oil pan;Torque wrench; Ratchet; Wheel chocks; Socket set; Ramps; Protective eyewear + gloves; filter wrench

0:15 – VO: The first thing we’ll do is drain the used oil out of your engine, so let’s get started.

0:15 – SUPER: Step 1; drain your engine.

0:20 – VO: Carefully roll your vehicle up the ramps to raise the front end. Engage your vehicle’s emergency brake and place it into park. Don’t forget to chock the rear wheels, and if you don’t have wheel chocks, you can use a 2X4.

0:33 – VO: Slide under your car and place an oil pan directly below the drain plug. Grab your ratchet and a socket to gently loosen the plug. Be sure to wear gloves and eye protection, the oil can start to drip as soon as the plug is loosened.

0:45 – SUPER: Step 2; Remove your old filter.

0:45 – VO: Next, remove your oil filter with your filter wrench. The oil filter will be full of oil, so be sure to have the drain pan directly underneath it.

0:52 – SUPER: Filter; Housing

0:52 – VO: If your filter is enclosed in a housing, safely discard the filter from the housing, remove the o-rings, give the housing a good wipe with a clean rag, and set it aside for later. If your oil filter is a sealed unit, you can safely dispose of the entire filter.

1:09 – SUPER: Step 3; Choose the right Mobil 1 oil.

1:09 – VO: Now you’re ready to refill your engine with new motor oil. So let’s talk about the best oil to pour back in. There are a wide variety of motor oils available from synthetic to conventional with various viscosities.

1:20 – VO: some vehicles can take either synthetic or conventional, while others can only take synthetic. So just refer back to your owner’s manual. It’ll tell you which types of oil are best for your vehicle.

1:30 – SUPER: Refer to your owner’s manual.

1:31 – VO: Now while synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional oil, it contains less impurities and can really enhance the protection and performance of your engine. Plus, it will help you go longer between oil changes.

1:31 – SUPER: Synthetic VS Conventional

1:45 – VO: First, install the drain plug by fitting a new crush washer and tighten it by hand. Torque it down and be careful not to overtighten it.

1:50 – SUPER: Don’t overtighten

1:55 – SUPER: New filter; New o-ring

1:53 – VO: Next, insert the new oil filter into the housing and make sure your o-rings are installed. Carefully install the oil filter, tightening by hand.

1:58 – SUPER: Step 4; Install your new filter

2:02 – VO: Then, using your torque wrench, tighten it to your vehicle’s required specifications.

2:07 – SUPER: Step 5; Refill your engine

2:07 – VO: Refer to your owner’s manual to find out how many quarts of oil your vehicle will take. When you’re done, lower your car off the ramps so it’s back on a level surface. Check your dipstick and add more oil if it’s needed. But remember to never overfill.

2:20 – SUPER: Don’t overfill

2:21 – VO: Next, inspect under and around the vehicle for any oil leaks. Done. Changing your oil isn’t difficult, and it’s a great way to understand and maintain your car. So here’s to helping your car run smoothly with Mobil 1.

2:35 – SUPER: For more vehicle maintenance tips visit Mobil1.com

0:02 – Todd: When my father opened up his shop, I was 12 years old. I’d go to work with him, and I just had that passion. I grew up a third generation mechanic.


0:13 – Todd: I love my job. I’ve been working on cars for about 35 years. I like to see new things, I love the new technology that’s coming out. Synthetic motor oil is much better for today’s engines. They run hotter, they run higher RPMs.

0:33 – Todd: Mobil 1 synthetic will not break down even through those harsh temperatures and RPMs. Mobil is actually working to get better fuel mileage to increase emissions standards. If you disassemble an engine, you absolutely know if an engine has been running on synthetic motor oil.

0:51 – Todd: Mobil 1 keeps your engine cleaner. It prevents the sludge buildup that normally will occur with a conventional motor oil. You can see a lot less wear and tear on the bearings or in the piston and cylinder walls. There’s a real difference. If you go to sell that car, it absolutely will increase the value of your vehicle knowing that the oil changes were performed with Mobil 1. My customers absolutely deserve the best. My customers absolutely deserve the best, and the best oil that I can put into my customer’s vehicles is Mobil 1.

1:22 – SUPER: Mobil 1 is the #1 US mechanic recommended motor oil*; *Source: 2015 Frost and Sullican US Product Leadership Award for Motor Oils

0:01 – SUPER: 10 tips To change your own oil

0:01 – VO: Are you thinking about changing your own oil? Well we put together a short list of fun tips to help you make up your mind and maybe even help you along the way.

0:08 – SUPER: Conducting any maintenance on a motor vehicle can involve risks. Exercise due caution at all times and consult a professional if unsure about anything.

0:09 – SUPER: Tip #1; Relax, it’s easy

0:09 – VO: Relax. It’s easy. This is one of the easiest maintenance tasks you can perform on your car, and you don’t even need a whole lot of tools to do it.

0:15 – VO: Our second tip applies to more than just changing your oil. Being prepared ensures you’re going to have a smooth oil change so gather all your tools before you start.

0:27 – SUPER: Tip #3; Treat yourself

0:27 – VO: Treat your car, and yourself, to synthetic motor oil. There are a wide variety of motor oils available from synthetic to conventional with various viscosities. Some vehicles can use synthetic or conventional motor oil, while others can only use synthetic. Refer to your owner’s manual to see which types of oil are acceptable for your vehicle. While synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional oil, it has fewer impurities, and can enhance the protection and performance of your vehicle. Plus, you can go much longer between oil changes.

0:57 – SUPER: Tip #4; Refer to your owner’s manual

0:58 – VO: Our fourth tip is one that a lot of people tend to forget about. If you are unsure about anything, your owner’s manual is your best resource to ensure you pick the right components and tools, so read it.

1:09 – SUPER: Tip #5; Gear up

1:09 – VO: It’s going to get messy. Cars are dirty, and you will be down on the ground, so our fifth tip is to wear gloves, eye protection, and appropriate clothing you won’t mind getting dirty. Because you will.

1:20 – SUPER: Tip #6; Inspect your vehicle

1:20 – VO: Tip six. The great thing about changing your own oil is it gives you an opportunity to look under the hood and everywhere else. It might save you a dollar or five hundred at the garage later.

1:30 – SUPER: Tip #7; Invest in a filter

1:30 – VO: And since you don’t have to pay someone to change your oil, you could splurge a little on your oil filter. This will help your car run smoothly between oil changes.

1:38 – SUPER: Tip #8; Recycle your used oil

1:39 – VO: Our eighth tip is very important. Did you know that your used oil can easily be recycled? Just take it to an authorized chemicals recycler, or in many cases, back to where you purchased your Mobil 1 oil. You can store your used oil in the container your new oil came in.

1:55 – SUPER: Tip #9; Be safe

1:55 – VO: Number nine goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. Just because it’s easy, doesn’t mean accidents can’t happen. So be sure to chock your wheels to avoid having the car roll away from you or over you.

2:07 – SUPER: Tip #10: Enjoy yourself!

2:07 – VO: Finally, this should be fun! Allow yourself plenty of time the first few oil changes. The more you do it, the more familiar it becomes, the easier it gets. Thanks for watching. This has been ten tips for changing your oil from Mobil 1.

2:20 – SUPER: For more vehicle maintenance tips visit Mobil1.com


Whether you’re traveling across town or across the country, do it knowing you’ve got the Official Motor Oil of Road Trips by your side. Mobil 1 offers a variety of formulas tailored to the unique needs of you and your vehicle. So no matter what your road trip goals are this year, Mobil 1 gives you the confidence to make it happen.

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Truck and SUV owners know that their motor oil needs to work as hard as their vehicle. Mobil 1 Truck and SUV steps up to the challenge with extra protection for hardworking engines. This formula meets or exceeds the industry’s toughest standards and is tested and proven against the 5,000lb towing test.


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