AEM Dryflow Air Filter

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  • Our Price: $31.49 - $103.99
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  • Lessen your maintenance and increase your performance with the hassle-free, reusable AEM Dryflow Air Filter
  • Customized for your exact make and model, improved airflow will create more horsepower and torque
  • Oil-free design uses K&N Synthetic Air Filter Cleaner with water to clean off
  • Travel up to 100,000 miles before needing replacing
  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

Up the level of your engine’s horsepower and torque capability, and lower your stress level over vehicle maintenance. Increase the efficiency of your engine with the AEM Dryflow Air Filter.

Unlike the majority of performance air filters on the market, your Dryflow Filter never needs to be oiled when cleaned for routine maintenance. Thanks to industry-leading engineering, your AEM Filter can simply be sprayed with K&N Synthetic Air Filter Cleaner and rinsed with water.

NAPA AUTO PARTS is proud to offer the AEM Dryflow Air Filter with a Lifetime Warranty.