Air Lift Leveling Kit

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Product Details

  • Air Lift Leveling Kits keep your riding and driving experience level, even while hauling the heaviest cargo 
  • Specially designed to fit your unique year, make, and model vehicle
  • Totally adjustable mechanism allows you to specifically adjust the hardness of your suspension for towing or regular drive
  • Sagging, bottoming out, body roll, trailer wobble, and bumpy rides are a thing of the past when you use Air Lift Leveling Kits
  • When hauling off-center loads, lift both sides in unison or boost one side
  • Depending on your vehicle, the Air Lift Leveling Kit comes in three different models:
    • Air Lift: housed inside your coil springs for enhanced towing support - improves drive quality and handling, offering up to 1000 pounds leveling capacity
    • Ride Control: Bolts to leaf springs in light- to medium-duty pickup trucks or SUVs, and can handle up to 2000 pounds leveling capacity
    • LoadLifter 5000:Super-duty air supports mount to full-sized truck leaf springs. Superior strength can support. the heaviest loads, up to 5000-pound leveling capacity
  • Airbags consist of strengthened natural rubber or molded polyurethane
  • Your leveling kit includes all the components you need: airbags, hardware, brackets, alignment tool, air lines, and instructions for installation
  • Choose between Front or Rear (please note Front kits are not available for all makes and models)
  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

If you drive a heavy-duty vehicle and need to tow large or weighty cargo, you know that a leveling kit is a must-have to maintain a safe, smooth ride. The Air Lift Leveling Kit takes this to the next level and even improves your suspension's towing capacity. Airbags are included in these kits and once installed, are housed in your coil or leaf springs to provide additional support when hauling. The airbags can be inflated before you depart to tow your cargo, and deflated when you reach your destination and unload, resulting in a safe, pleasant ride.

Air Lift Leveling Systems are engineered to work together with your vehicle's suspension for optimal performance. Each bag may be adjusted independently depending on the size, weight, and shape of your cargo, ensuring that your ride remains level, no matter what you're pulling. You can even make changes on the fly as needed if the driving conditions change. The Air Lift airbags included with your kit are composed of sturdy polyurethane or durable natural rubber, and feature polymer air fittings to prevent leaking.

The Air Lift Leveling Kit comes with everything you'll need to complete your installation correctly: airbags, hardware, and brackets, tools, air lines, as well as detailed installation instructions. Best of all, the majority of installations don't even require drilling, so leave your drill in the box! Air Lift's Lifetime Warranty is included.

Air Lift Leveling Kit Customer Reviews


Overall Rating:

2.3 of 5

Average Install Time:

More than 2 hours
who drives a Dodge Ram ProMaster

Installed on Ram PMC. Would recommend having installed if you do not have access to a lift. Several clips broke and I had to drill out holes in frame for heat shield as the provided tap screws couldn’t tap. Instruction manual is sketchy at best with not so useful photos. YouTube installation is ok but not a PMC. I typically carry up to 850lbs. The PMC handles the load fine, I installed air bags as a preventative measure, but now would stick to my attitude “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” It was six hours on a concrete floor including trip to Auto store to buy a tube clip as one broke. Cost $15 as I had to buy a clip assortment, felt like I was working on a NASA project not a NAPA project. My .02$

Install Time: More than 2 hours