AirBedz Inflatable Backseat Camo Air Mattress PPI-CMO_TRKMAT

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  • Get a great night sleep while on the road with the AirBedz SUV & Truck Backseat Camo Air Mattress
  • Engineered to use across back bench seats and foot wells of your deluxe SUV or full-size pickup truck
  • Incorporates a pillow, and includes a storage bag and patch kit
  • Quickly inflate utilizing the provided portable pump
  • Comes with a 1-Year Warranty

When out on the road, either for hunting, camping, fishing or traveling coast to coast, it is important to always be prepared. With the AirBedz SUV & Truck Backseat Camo Air Mattress, you will always have a place to rest that’s much more comfortable and accommodating than the bumps and buckles in the back bench seat of your pickup truck or SUV. This comprehensive AirBedz model not only covers your back seat, it also fills in your footwells for unbeatable support.

You’ll love the fashionable and functional Realtree camo design. And, the robust fabrication will hold up to your rough and tumble lifestyle. Quickly inflate your new Backseat Camo Air Mattress and deflate with a simple click on the provided portable air pump.

Your Backseat AirBedz includes an inflated pillow and a storage bag. It also comes with a kit to glue a patch over a small puncture. NAPA AUTO PARTS is proud to offer the AirBedz SUV & Truck Backseat Camo Air Mattress with a 1-Year Warranty.