Altor ICON Trailer Lock

8138 C Univ.
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Product Details

  • Gain the security and stability your trailer needs with the robust Altor ICON Trailer Lock made from cast steel
  • Prevent theft from attacks with power tools and immense force
  • Protect your connection no matter what harsh elements you drive through
  • Choose from the 2" and 2-5/16" sizes, which can be personalized to your equipment
  • Take advantage of the many lockable features tied to the same key
  • Comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Shield your trailer from the threat of theft with the Altor ICON Trailer Lock, a formidable defense system designed to thwart even the most determined criminals. Crafted from 22 pounds of cast steel, and hardened to an impressive 450 Brinell, this lock is virtually impenetrable to power tools and forceful attacks. Its robust construction effectively deters thieves, making your trailer an unappealing target.

The Altor ICON Trailer Lock offers unparalleled versatility, accommodating a wide range of trailer configurations. Whether you have a Sleeve Lock, Flat Lip, Cast, Straight Tongue, Yoke Latch or UFP setup, the Altor ICON Trailer Lock seamlessly integrates with your existing gear.

Each Altor ICON Trailer Lock comes equipped with a unique custom key, ensuring the highest level of security and preventing unauthorized access. Multiple locks ordered simultaneously can be conveniently keyed alike, eliminating the hassle of managing multiple keys. The unwavering protection provided by the Altor ICON Trailer Lock is further reinforced by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.