AMP'd 2.0 Throttle Booster Kit

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Product Details

  • With the AMP'd 2.0 Throttle Booster Kit, you can adjust your throttle from the palm of your hand
  • Offers 5 preset throttle modes and 3 programmable throttle slots
  • Boosts accelerator pedal responsiveness above factory performance
  • No more "dead pedal" or lag in acceleration
  • Totally customizable throttle curves
  • Apps available for both Android and iOS
  • A 1-Year Limited Warranty is included

For decades if a driver hoped to adjust the throttle in their vehicle to a specific preference, it meant clearing the schedule for the day, putting on coveralls, and popping the hood. But luckily, we live in a technologically advanced time, and these days, adjusting your throttle is as easy as downloading an app and adjusting your throttle from your phone! In fact, that's precisely the level of accessibility and control you get with AMP'd 2.0 Throttle Booster Kit!

Two firsts for the industry are offered with your AMP'd 2.0 Throttle Booster Kit: it is the first to use a wireless control switch, and it also provides the first throttle curve that is entirely user-customizable. With just a few touches on your phone's screen, you can make real-time adjustments with a Bluetooth-powered app (available for iOS or Android). Three switchable throttle slots let you even save the ideal sweet spot for different situations. Not to mention the five throttle presets that the Amp'd team brilliantly created.

With the aid of this practical kit, you can enhance your vehicle's acceleration response, lessen acceleration lag, and boost your turbocharger more quickly. It is quick, simple, and stress-free to install. A 1-Year Limited Warranty is included with your purchase.