Anzo Fender Marker Lights

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Product Details

  • Level up your vehicle's factory lights using the Anzo Fender Marker Lights
  • Constructed using bright LED lights for added shine
  • Choose from Smoke or Clear lenses
  • Engineered specifically for Duallys
  • Protected with a 1-Year Warranty

I'm sure you know all about how powerful your Dually is and how great it feels to upgrade various features with spectacular additions like the Anzo Fender Marker Lights. Fender lights allow you to brake safely, make turns, park and shine additional light in foggy, dim-lit and dark conditions. You can use the Anzo Marker Lights on your extended fenders to illuminate the night and beef up other drivers' capacity to see you in the dark or during inclement weather conditions.

The Smoke and Clear lens options are a fashionable addition to any Dually and can be used on the sides, just above the wheels, to help you navigate your vehicle. Fender lights are an excellent option for added safety, so you'll want a clear, fog-free LED light specifically made for Duallys to brighten your road maneuvering, and ANZO products will not disappoint. NAPA proudly sells the Anzo Fender Marker Lights protected with a 1-Year Warranty.