Anzo LED Tail Lights

2766 C
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Product Details

  • Stylize your cherished rode with enhanced brightness while generating nearly no heat, with the Anzo LED Tail Lights
  • Direct-fit replacement allows for simple installation in under 30 minutes
  • Unbeatable strength withstands impact and vibration from off-road driving
  • Sealed to keep out moisture from ice, rain, humidity and salty air
  • DOT approved and compliant with FMVSS-108
  • Backed by a 1-Year Warranty

Your fashionable ride is nearly a work of art. And just like any piece of art, your vehicle deserves to be well lit. State-of-the-art Anzo LED Tail Lights are guaranteed to shine brighter…faster, longer and perform much cooler, generating almost no heat whatsoever.

Your Anzo Lights will not drain your battery thanks to their low power usage. Plus, these durable lights will last 10 times longer than conventional halogen bulbs. So you won't need to worry about replacing the bulbs every time you turn around.

Designed for a quick, plug-and-play installation, this upgrade will most likely take you less than half an hour to install, without any special tools, cutting, drilling or other modifications. Your new LED taillights are DOT-approved and compliant to FMVSS-108. NAPA AUTO PARTS is proud to offer the Anzo LED Tail Lights with a 1-Year Warranty.