Anzo Tail Lights

2768 C
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Product Details

  • Anzo Euro Style Tail Lights illuminate your vehicle's rear end look
  • 5-State street legal
  • Complies with DOT and FMVSS No. 108
  • Tested in simulated rain, humidity, and stress conditions to guarantee performance
  • Choose from Black, Chrome, or Carbon Fiber
  • Backed by a 1-Year Warranty

Anzo Euro Style Tail Lights are the perfect complement to your ride's sleek style. It's time to ditch those drab old OEM tail lights and upgrade your vehicle's rear-end illumination scheme to a set of truly unique and stunning lights! These new taillights are created with CAD/CAM technology, the latest digitally-aided design software. This guarantees they will fit your precise make and model perfectly. Meticulously measured and constructed with no shortcuts, installing these tail lights on your car results in a flawless, finished profile.

Installing these European-style tail lights is a breeze, and they mount to most cars in less than 30 minutes. Anzo knows their name is synonymous with quality, so all their tail light housings are put through rigorous testing utilizing cutting-edge systems to ensure water-tight connections and weather-proof seals that can withstand rain, humidity, and unpredictable fluctuations in temperature. Finally, thanks to their precision-designed fit, your tail lights can usually be installed within 30 minutes.

Anzo Tail Lights provide the personalized, Euro-style flair you're looking for, whether it's time to get rid of damaged or faded assemblies or you prefer to upgrade your lackluster OEM lights. With DOT clearance and FMVSS No.108 compliance, they're also entirely street legal, so they won't get you in trouble with the fuzz. Bring an edgy sophistication to your vehicle's  back end with Anzo Euro Style Tail Lights. Anzo backs your purchase with a 1-Year Warranty.