ARB Tire Pressure Gauge

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Product Details

  • Get perfect and reliable tire pressure using the ARB Tire Pressure Gauge
  • Compact gauge for regular measurements, sizeable gauge for off-roading
  • Fit all valve types with several dual chuck options
  • Sturdy, reliable Brass assembly
  • Protected by a 2-Year Warranty

Having peace of mind around how much air is in your tires is crucial when optimizing your car, truck, SUV or work vehicle. Tires without proper tire pressure can be unsafe, causing all sorts of issues. Without enough air in your tire, you risk spending more on gas, and with overinflated tires, you lose tire traction and are in danger of hydroplaning in the rain. Guarantee you know the pressure in your tires with the simple-to-use ARB Tire Pressure Gauge.

The Pressure Gauge comes in two convenient options, a small size, which is helpful for everyday use and measurements, and a bigger model, which is manufactured for off-road excursions. Both sizes include state-of-the-art exactness, even if the tire pressure is extremely low. Both the small and large pressure gauges come engineered with sturdy brass elements and have several dual chuck sizes for any valve type.

The system comes with a bendable hose, rubber guard, and easy-to-use gauge reset button that is convenient to use and read. NAPA is proud to sell the ARB Tire Pressure Gauge protected by a 2-Year Warranty.