AutoVentshade Bugflector II Bug & Stone Deflector

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  • With an AVS Bugflector II Bug Deflector, you can keep your hood free of scratches, denting, and stuck-on bug splatter
  • Heavy force-cast ABS acrylic material is rugged and long-lasting
  • Specialized fit wraps over the front end to add both aerodynamics and aesthetics
  • The full-height craftsmanship offers your car's hood an optimal level of protection
  • Choose from two great-looking shades: Clear or Smoke
  • Installs simply using tape
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

You know that part of the daily commute is the bug splatter and leaf litter building up on your hood. While at first, it's just tremendously annoying, many drivers on the road don't bother to clean it off right away or work to prevent it in the first place. If these things are allowed to collect, they can destroy your paint job over time.

If you want to maintain the showroom quality and curb appeal of your vehicle's hood, it's time to get an AVS Bugflector II Bug Deflector to protect your front end. Your new Auto Ventshade Bugflector II is composed of ABS acrylic that's been force-cast for strength. It's designed to stand up to the onslaught of bugs, pebbles, and strong winds you'll encounter on the open road.

Your Bugflector sports a wrap-around design that offers your front-end a sleek, aerodynamic performance. Plus, its full-height construction protects your investment from degradation over time. Your bug shield also goes on easy with a simple "no-drill" installation and all of the necessary hardware for a secure, car-wash safe fit is included with your order. It also comes with a Lifetime Warranty.