AutoMeter Sport Comp Digital Series Gauge

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Product Details

  • Upgrade your vehicle's style and race-ready processing power with the modernized AutoMeter Sport Comp Digital Series Gauge
  • Extremely accurate, microprocessor-monitored LED display
  • Compatible gauges for nearly all critical calculations
  • Takes less room than analog versions
  • Comes with a 1-Year Warranty

When it comes to metrics like speed, pressure, fuel consumption, and overall mileage, you want to be as accurate as possible to prevent overstepping your vehicle's boundaries. Instead of trying to read outdated, twitching analog needles, the AutoMeter Sport Comp Digital Series Gauge gives you a precise, real-time understanding of your vehicle's capacity while elevating its sporty personality.

Analog gauges aren't as meticulously calculated as digital ones, and often take up too much console space. Digital gauges like the AutoMeter Sport Comp aren't limited in their ability to display multiple units of measurement, nor are they challenging to install, read, or recalibrate. With the AutoMeter Sport Gauge, you'll enjoy fast and accurate readings thanks to micro-processor-controlled LED meters that provide dash information in a quarter of the space that analog gauges do.

With the AutoMeter Sport Series Gauge, you'll get the latest status on most engine metrics including tachometer, voltmeter, speedometer, pyrometer, fuel pressure, water temperature and more. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.