Banks Monster Exhaust System

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Product Details

  • Double or even triple your exhaust flow and eliminate backpressure with the Banks Monster Exhaust System
  • Increases your horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency
  • Stainless Steel design is crafted specifically for your year, make and model vehicle
  • Choose from Stainless Steel or Black tips
  • Mandrel-bent tubes are used throughout for better flow and lower EGTs
  • A polished stainless straight-through Monster muffler and a double-wall polished stainless steel tip are included in the Banks Monster Exhaust Kit
  • Available with a cat-back, turbo-back, downpipe-back, or DPF-back, depending on your vehicle
  • A Power Elbow option is available on certain vehicle models, minimizing the stock outlet and pipe backpressure by 40%
  • Uses factory mounting points and clears spare tires, brake lines, and shocks
  • Hardware, hangers, clamps, and tubes are included
  • Covered by a Lifetime Warranty

Give your race-savvy rivals the shock of their lives when you shake the streets with the outrageous power of the Banks Monster Exhaust System. This premium-grade system is built to impress with a throaty growl that is unmissable. It is built specifically for performance, with mandrel-bent tubes and a straight-through, free-flowing Monster muffler.

Your Banks Monster Exhaust System is designed and crafted with your year, make, and model vehicle in mind. Depending on your vehicle, it is available in turbo-back, cat-back, downpipe-back, or DPF-back formats, and many are available with single or dual exits. For a significant increase in power, the Monster system essentially eliminates backpressure and increases the exhaust flow. Its specialized tuning ensures you get a head-turning, ear-popping growl with zero cab drone.

As a sweet, shiny bonus, a sizable polished steel tip is included with each Banks Monster Exhaust System. Even the muffler has been mirror-polished, and you can take your pick between Stainless Steel or Black muffler tips. The experts at NAPA recommend a system with the optional Power Elbow, which decreases the stock outlet and pipe backpressure by up to 40%, maximizing flow rate and giving you huge performance gains. Your custom Banks Monster exhaust system is supported by a Lifetime Warranty.

Banks Monster Exhaust System Customer Reviews


Overall Rating:

4.0 of 5

Average Install Time:

30 - 60 minutes
who drives a Jeep Wrangler

Louder than stock but has a nice deeper rumble.

Install Time: 30 - 60 minutes