Banks PowerPack System

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Product Details

  • The Banks PowerPack System is made specifically for your pickup truck's year, make, and model to increase performance for everyday driving as well as heavy towing, hauling and work applications
  • For optimum performance and optimal fuel efficiency, the kit components are specifically tailor-made for your vehicle
  • Depending on your vehicle, you might get up to 119 horsepower and 284 ft-lbs of torque
  • The following items are included in the kit, depending on your vehicle, like the Banks EconoMind Tuner, Banks IQ Dashboard PC, Banks Monster Exhaust, Banks Ram-Air Intake System, Banks Techni-cooler, BigHead Wastegate Actuator, Torque Tubes, DynaFact Gauges, Banks Quick Turbo Kit and the Banks TransCommand
  • Contains security measures that are built-in to manage temperatures
  • Muffler tips are available in a stylish Stainless Steel or sleek Black
  • Includes a thoroughly illustrated installation guide
  • Not CARB-approved

The Banks PowerPack Performance Kit makes performance upgrades for your vehicle simple and straightforward. Everything you need to give your automobile a significant boost in power and torque for better towing and freight carrying is included. Each Power Pack kit is specifically tuned for your particular vehicle and includes components that have been skillfully matched for improvements of up to 119 HP and 284 ft-lbs. of torque.

Every part of the Banks Power Pack Kit has been meticulously adjusted and matched to the other parts of the package as well as your vehicle. Your PowerPack can come with a ram air intake, exhaust system, intercooler, turbo components and more, depending on your vehicle. Upgrading to the provided components will increase your truck's performance, taking it from factory quality to monster levels. Moreover, the PowerPack is specially adjusted to increase fuel efficiency and guarantee a long engine life.

You may choose between Black or Stainless Steel muffler tips to suit your style. All the mounting hardware you'll need, as well as illustrated installation instructions for a do-it-yourself installation come included for your convenience. Note that California and other states that adhere to CARB emissions laws do not permit the use of the Banks Kit on public roads. NAPA proudly sells the Banks PowerPack System.