Banks Ram-Air Intake

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Product Details

  • Optimize your system with the Banks Ram-Air Intake for powerful performance, elevated horsepower, incredible torque and cost-saving MPG
  • Kit contains an eight-ply, premier cotton gauze, reusable cone air filter and an air-tight box that barricades against heat
  • Pairs perfectly with OEM sensors so you won’t be tripped up by inaccurate codes
  • Customized to match your specific make and model so installation is a snap
  • Banks Ram-Air Intake comes with a 5-Year Warranty; high-flow Banks Air Filter comes with a Lifetime Warranty

When you need more power, it’s best to come to the experts. The advanced Banks Ram-Air Intake is fabricated to direct penetrating airflow into the engine for jaw-dropping increases in torque and horsepower. By removing the barriers of a typical factory-installed system, Banks’ intake pushes oxygen-saturated air into the engine, for cleaner, more precise, powerful combustion.

The Ram-Air Intake utilizes a large inlet and tube to provide a clear path of steady airflow. It also generates denser air with an internal cooling process. This air is remarkably clean, thanks to the reusable, high-flow, cone filter which means each cylinder of your engine will be in hog-heaven with each and every combustion.

Installation is a breeze for any DIY home mechanic. NAPA AUTO PARTS is proud to offer the Banks Ram-Air Intake with a 5 Year Warranty. (Lifetime Warranty for the included filter.) Note: The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act (US Code - Title 15, Chapter 50), your factory warranty is protected by law, despite the addition of aftermarket parts.