Banks Stinger System

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Product Details

  • The state-of-the-art Banks Stinger System comes manufactured to increase the power and torque of your vehicle while boosting performance
  • The Banks Stinger System consists of the EconoMind Tuner by Bank, IQ Dashboard PC for banks, Monster Exhaust System by Banks, Wastegate Actuator BigHead, Ram-Air Intake System by Banks and the Dyna factual scales, depending on your vehicle
  • Increase your horsepower and torque by up to 92 HP and 219 foot-pounds, respectively
  • All the mounting hardware you need for a complete installation come included in the kit
  • The kit is not street legal in jurisdictions with CARB emissions rules, such as California
  • Specifically designed to improve your heavy towing, hauling and working capabilities
  • The components of your kit come specialized to your vehicle's make and model
  • Available in 2 stylish muffler finishes, the Black and the shiny Stainless Steel
  • Included are thoroughly illustrated installation instructions

Outfit your rig with the power you need for hefty towing and hard jobs. The Banks Stinger Package replaces your ineffective factory parts with sturdy performance components that were specifically built for your vehicle. One affordable kit contains every upgrade you'll ever need to increase your power.

Don't stress about coordinating your intake, exhaust and tuner with your car or truck. Gale Banks Engineering's tuning and testing experts have already completed the task for you. Just choose your vehicle, and the system will come complete with all the finely tuned components you want for your personalized peak performance. These components might include the Banks Monster Exhaust and Ram-Air Intake System, EconoMind Tuner, IQ Dashboard PC and others, depending on your car.

With the Banks Stinger System, your vehicle will travel more effectively, handle greater loads and tow with increased force. Gains of up to 92 horsepower and 219-foot pounds of torque are all possible gains. Most of all, the Banks Kit is less expensive than purchasing each component separately, allowing you to add even more exciting accessories to your setup because you never know what you'll want to upgrade next. NAPA proudly sells the Banks Stinger System.