Bilstein Steering Stabilizers

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Product Details

  • Stop steering wobbles in their tracks using the durable Bilstein Steering Stabilizers
  • Can be used alongside most pickup trucks, SUVs or vans
  • Multiple-coated Zinc finish ensures a lifetime of protection
  • Specially engineered for your vehicle make and model
  • Robust performance gas over hydraulic design
  • Made to be used alongside larger wheels
  • Protected with a Lifetime Warranty

Using factory dampers is an easy way to be disappointed, and they are certainly not meant to be used with larger tires! So, consider upgrading to the Bilstein Steering Stabilizers. We all love an oversized wheel; however, you need to be able to stop the road wobbling in its tracks. In extreme cases, the steering wheel wobbles and shakes and can violently vibrate which is commonly known as the death wobble.

Bilstein Dampers will not diminish in quality even after rock climbing, aggressive off-roading or during other difficult driving conditions, solidifying them as a needed accessory for your pickup truck or SUV. The robust performance gas over hydraulic design is state-of-the-art, and the multiple-coated Zinc finish ensures a lifetime of protection.

The Bilstein stabilizer absorbs some of the movement of your vehicle's suspension, allowing you to steer straight and without issue. Rest easy knowing your gear is protected from corrosion and decay, and stop the steering wheel from wobbling so you can drive safely and fully enjoy your big wheels. NAPA proudly sells the Bilstein Steering Stabilizers protected with a Lifetime Warranty.