Blue Ox 6-Amp Diode BX8864

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  • The Blue Ox Tail Light Wiring Kit lets you monitor and adjust your towed vehicle's taillights from inside your RV
  • Connects your towed vehicle's lights to your RV's lighting system
  • Diode blocks ensure safety by stopping electrical feedback
  • The Bulb and Socket Wiring Kit lets you add an extra set of bulbs to the taillights of your tow car without using the electrical system of the car
  • Extra plugs or wiring harnesses may be necessary; read the installation instructions for more information
  • Also available: 10-packs of replacement bulbs and socket

Navigating a motorhome or Recreational Vehicle is hard enough when that's the only vehicle you're responsible for. But when you pull another vehicle behind your RV, both sets of brake lights need to work in unison and illuminate at the same time. The Blue Ox Tail Light Wiring Kit connects the lights on your RV to the taillights on your tow vehicle, allowing you to tow safely and legally without having to set up extra lights.

Your Blue Ox Tail Light Wiring Kit is available in several different configurations; choose from a kit with either three or four diodes and a 26-foot, four-wire harness for each. Once you've connected the Blue Ox Coiled Cable to your lighting system, you can easily connect your car to the RV just like you would a trailer. Or, get the Bulb and Socket Tail Light Wiring Kit if you don't want to use your car's electrical system. This kit comes with two light sockets and bulbs that you put inside the taillights of your tow car. And because these bulbs get their power from your RV, you don't have to use the towed vehicle's battery and risk arriving at your destination with a dead battery.

With the Blue Ox Tail Light Wiring Kit, there's no need to fuss with detachable external towing lights anymore. Instead, you can connect the lights on your RV and the car you're towing.

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