Brembo Gran Turismo Slotted Brake Kit

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Product Details

  • Installing a Brembo Gran Turismo Slotted Brake Kit that is specifically made for your vehicle will give it professional, amped-up performance braking
  • All brake lines, brake pads, slotted rotors, brake calipers and aircraft-grade hardware are included for a complete brake package
  • The brake surface is continuously refreshed by a sturdy slotted rotor design for better bite and pedal sensation
  • Specially engineered mounting design reduces stress on brakes, disperses heat and minimizes wear and tear
  • Offered for both the front or rear and in a broad variety of colors to suit your style
  • Lightweight to boost engine capability
  • Protected with a 2-Year Warranty

The ability of your stealthy, reliable chariot to brake is crucial, whether you use it to rip up the road or to haul about small children. Using a Brembo Gran Turismo Slotted Brake Kit will guarantee that you receive top-of-the-line design and more. This one package has everything you require for a comprehensive brake refurbishment, and it is all specifically tailored to fit your car, truck or SUV. Because of how these brakes attach to your tires, there is less heat, strain and stress on the brakes, extending their lifespan and providing you with value.

The Brembo Brake Kit's minimal weight and continual self-refreshing of each rotor's slotted surface make it possible for your car to perform at a high level without being subjected to additional force. You have a variety of choices when it comes to selecting your system. Most kits come with front and rear designs, allowing you to overhaul your car's braking system completely. Depending on your specific configuration, various colors are also available, allowing you to choose from Red, Yellow, Black, Gold and Silver calipers to give your car a distinctive look.

Whatever option you select, you can be sure that the cutting-edge design of these brake kits will boost their bite in any situation while improving pedal feel and responsiveness. Even better, everything is set up to operate with your factory systems and cylinders. There is no justification for putting up with subpar brakes in your car. Not when a Brembo Gran Turismo Kit, which is a highly developed and effective system, is available.

Before placing your order, please confirm that your wheels are compatible with this modification option. NAPA proudly sells the Brembo Gran Turismo Slotted Brake Kit protected with a 2-Year Warranty.