Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Tuner

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Product Details

  • Could you use a little more boost to road skills? Harness the true power of your ride with the Bully Dog GT Tuner
  • Driving Coach software is installed to your computer and tracks driving conditions
  • Comprehensive device designed to improve power, performance and fuel mileage
  • Incorporates specialized tuning options for a personalized experience
  • Comes with speed limiter, rev limiter and speedometer adjustment
  • Comes with a tuner/downloader and performance computer
  • Shows critical metrics to track performance and potential
  • Available for both diesel and gas-operated vehicles
  • Software displays advice for greater fuel efficiency
  • Supported by a 1-Year Warranty

Release the beast within your ride! There's no better way to upgrade performance potential than with the Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Tuner. Quickly display and clear out diagnostic trouble codes, employ speed and rev limiters, tune your transmission and safely defuel with this tuner!

This specialized tuner brings better fuel efficiency, customized tuning settings, precise calibration and more. It has the functionality of the PMT series with added Driving Coach software to enhance monitoring. Easily downloaded onto your computer, this software tracks driving habits and road conditions to quickly formulate how to get the best fuel mileage. The displays are readable, and can even be printed to log driving progress. By listening to the software, you can enhance fuel efficiency up to 37 percent! The integrated gauge displays 20+ parameters, while the tuning options come ready to be customized to your specific vehicle. Larger tires even benefit from the incorporated speedometer calibrator that detects exact sizing for accurate readouts. Plus, your tuner always stay up to date using free Internet downloads that keep your vehicle maxing out its potential.

Harness the power of your ride with the Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Tuner. Supported by a 1-Year Warranty.