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  • Part Number: 1501675
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  • Finish: Aluminum
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  • The Buyers Aluminum Truck Rack can support up to 800 pounds of cargo and allows for the transport of lengthy freight as well as ladders
  • Sturdy Aluminum structure that is not just lightweight but also rust resistant
  • Installation is easy and requires no drilling on the majority of models
  • Included hardware comes constructed with a protective zinc plating
  • Protected with a 1-Year Warranty

When the length of the ladders or timber you need to transport is longer than the bed of your vehicle, it might be difficult to pull off, right? However, if you have a Buyers Aluminum Truck Rack, you can transport lengthy and bulky freight over your cab. This contractor's rack can securely hold up to 800 pounds of freight.

The Truck Rack is corrosion-resistant and has zinc-plated hardware that prevents rusting. It is specially designed to be lightweight yet sturdy. This rack has 4 load mounts/stops that allow you to adjust it to hold any weight (800 pounds or less) securely. The best part is that it keeps your bed clean and uncluttered so that you can store more stuff there.

Installation is straightforward and requires no drilling with most models. Frilling may be necessary for certain GM pickup trucks manufactured in 2017 or later that have enclosed bed rails. NAPA proudly sells the Buyers Aluminum Truck Rack protected with a 1-Year Warranty.