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  • Make better use of the space in your work vehicle by installing the durable Buyers Van Ladder Rack
  • Creates more room within your cab by storing bulkier items on the roof
  • The stunning White powder coat finish is resistant to corrosion
  • Gutter clamps are used for a straightforward installation
  • Steel framework and construction are built to last
  • Proudly produced in the United States
  • Protected with a 1-Year Warranty

When you need to utilize your van for business, there is never enough space for all the equipment and stuff you need. Don't take up unnecessary room inside with ladders and large pieces of timber and tools! With the Buyers Van Ladder Rack, you may haul your more substantial items on the roof to save you space.

The Buyers Rack comes designed in a White powder coating finish, which looks fantastic and protects against rust and damage. This rack is constructed from industrial-grade Steel and has an adjustable clamp-mount mechanism that facilitates installation in your vehicle's rain gutters.

This system may be customized to fit any vehicle width between 41 and 72 inches. Enjoy a straightforward installation that comes built to last. NAPA proudly sells the USA-made Buyers Van Ladder Rack, protected with a 1-Year Warranty.