Cargo Ease Cargo Ramp

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Product Details

  • With the Cargo Ease Cargo Ramp, you get the formidable fusion of loading ramps and a gliding cargo space
  • Supports 1,800 lbs., accommodating almost any ATV, motorcycle or other small craft
  • Features powder-coated steel framing and a deck with 3/4-inch ultra-ply polyethylene top layer
  • Offers three lock points for fast and easy loading and unloading
  • Easy opening and closing actuation thanks to eight sealed roller bearings
  • Comes preassembled for straightforward installation
  • A 5-Year Warranty is included

The reason most of us invest in a pickup truck is the ability to haul equipment for work or for play. Unfortunately, loading and unloading can also be the biggest hassle for pickup truck owners. The Cargo Ease Cargo Ramp is a functional solution that's ideal for maneuvering toys and machinery into and out of your truck bed with ease.

Your Cargo Ease Cargo Ramp system is a fusion of a cargo slide and a set of extendable loading ramps. It can withstand substantial loads weighing up to 1,800 lbs. and extends up to 70% of the length of your truck bed. The three-quarter-inch ultra-ply deck is fully coated in polyethylene from end to end and glides forward and backward with minimal effort. Even if you have to brake hard or must swerve suddenly to avoid hazards, the removable rubberized deck mat will keep your cargo secure and stationary.

Thanks to eight sealed roller bearings, the loading ramps glide out from under the deck in one continuous motion that requires minimal effort on your part. The sturdy, laser-cut steel rails are easy to control thanks to the spring-release t-handle. Your Cargo Ease Cargo Ramp arrives fully constructed and the straightforward installation is a breeze thanks to the innovative L-Hooks. Your purchase comes with a 5-Year Warranty.