Cargo Ease Mighty Truck Lockers

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Product Details

  • Step up your truck's organization game with Cargo Ease Mighty Truck Lockers
  • Heavy-duty with a 600-pound drawer limit and a 2,500-pound total weight limit
  • Select from a 9-inch standard height or 12-inch maximum height
  • Choose a one or two drawer set-up for your specific vehicle
  • Non-bulky aluminum frame with strong polyethylene deck
  • Features dual slam turn-key locking mechanisms
  • Supported by a 5-Year Warranty

Often times your truck is your right-hand man when you're on the job. But that doesn't mean it wouldn't hurt to improve your vehicle organization, especially when you're hauling a fair amount of tools and gear. With Cargo East Mighty Truck Lockers, you can securely store all your odds and ends using the convenience of your rig's bed space!

Customize your ideal storage solution by choosing from a standard 9-inch height or a maximum 12-inch height with the option of a one or two-drawer set-up. These drawers span 80% of your truck bed's length and can individually carry up to 600 pounds in weight. The top surface consists of long-lasting polyethylene hardened plastic while the frame itself is made of durable aluminum, giving the truck lockers a total weight limit of 2,500 pounds! Thanks to dual slam turn-key locking technology, your belongings are safe from theft. With a custom fit that's engineered to match your specific vehicle, assembly becomes a breeze.

Get rid of the constant headache that is truck organization with a nifty set of Cargo Ease Mighty Truck Lockers! Comes with a 5-Year Warranty.