Centerforce Flywheel

5053 C
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Product Details

  • Achieve the smoothest shifting possible and consistent power output with the Centerforce Flywheel
  • Includes mechanically retained starter ring gears that won't wear out, as well as heat-treated steel friction surfaces that can be exchanged
  • Directly bolt under your hood following the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications
  • Get the low-inertia, lightweight aluminum for specific applications or the standard steel billet fabrication
  • CNC machined and CAD/CAM designed
  • Backed by a 90-Day Warranty

The flywheel is a critical component to the fluid transfer of power from the engine to the wheels in a standard transmission vehicle. Custom fabricated for a precise fit, the long-lasting Centerforce Flywheel is well suited to meet your exact needs. The typical, universal fabrication is billet steel. However, a lightweight, low-inertia aluminum option is offered for enhanced performance engines.

This Centerforce part is affixed with heat-treated steel friction surfaces that can be exchanged when they've gone past their prime. This flywheel is CNC constructed and CAD/CAM engineered. Follow the OEM guidelines to simply bolt this piece onto your engine. NAPA AUTO PARTS is proud to offer the Centerforce Flywheel with a 90-Day Warranty.