Colgan T-Style Hood Bra

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Product Details

  • The Colgan T-Style Hood Bra is a high fashion upgrade that safeguards the front of your vehicle
  • Custom-made from sturdy 25 oz. vinyl material coated with UV-resistant treatment
  • Soft flannel backing protects the finish
  • Fits wonderfully with Colgan's unique Memory Fit
  • Choose from Black Vinyl or Carbon Fiber
  • Comes with a 3-Year Warranty

Were it not for your vehicle's hood, your engine would suffer a constant barrage of insects, pebbles, and road debris. A single piece of gravel thrown off of someone's tire can turn into a large crack in your bumper or divot in your paintwork. Not only are they unsightly, but finish repairs can get pricey, and paint damage leaves the metal underneath exposed and vulnerable to rust and corrosion. With the Colgan T-Style Hood Bra, you can now protect your hood while also adding a new, fresh look to your vehicle.

Your Colgan T-Style Hood Bra is crafted using industrial weight 25 oz. vinyl that's coated to resist UV radiation and fits flawlessly thanks to Colgan's proprietary Memory Fit. This bra's vinyl-coated hooks and padded tabs make it fast and simple to put on without the use of tools or drilling. Critical spots have been reinforced with double-stitched pad points for a stronger, long-lasting fit.

Your cover is meant to protect against scratches, not create them. Therefore, it features an ultra-soft flannel backing that ensures that it never scratches or mars your ride's surface. Choose between two attractive color options: Smooth Black or Textured Carbon Fiber. Your hood bra comes with a 3-Year Warranty.