Core Combination Cargo Management System

5249 C Univ.
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Product Details

  • Be well equipped for whatever you need to contain or strap down in your ready-to-go pickup truck with the Core Combination Cargo Management System
  • Aftermarket kit includes a Cargo Cover, two Extension Straps, two Cam Lock Straps, two Sport Trax Tie-Down Kits and a Cargo Sport Bag
  • Take advantage of the included D-rings and complimentary tote bag
  • Engineered to pair well with three popular sizes of truck bed
  • Required hardware is provided, along with comprehensive instructions
  • Backed by a 1-Year Warranty

There's nothing worse than expensive, sometimes irreplaceable, cargo toppling out of an over stacked truck bed. Or when your pickup bed is nearly empty, except for one critical piece of equipment that gets damaged in transit during an unexpectedly bumpy ride. Now you can haul with confidence thanks to the Core Combination Cargo Management System.

This comprehensive kit comes with everything you need, and some extra stuff you've always wanted. Start with the Cargo Cover to contain all your items, then add a plethora of Extension Straps, Cam Lock Straps and Sport Trax Tie-Downs. Finally, finish off with the Cargo Sport Bag to store small items that are critically important.

This equipment is fabricated for a seamless fit to your exact make and model. Each piece is a snap to install, especially when following the detailed instructions. NAPA AUTO PARTS is proud to offer the Core Combination Cargo Management System with a 1-Year Warranty.