Core Single Stud Locks CTLL2-A

5245 CM Univ. • Product id=524500002 indexable=6
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  • Part Number: CTLL2-A
  • Color: Aluminum
  • Rating: (2)

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  • Adding Core Tax Tie Down Accessories maximizes your Core Trax cargo management system experience
  • Features additional locks and knobs for Core Trax systems
  • Double Stud Locks bring spring-loaded tie-down stability
  • Utility Lock boosts tie-down security
  • Utility Knob reinforces Utility Locks
  • Versatile locking rope pull adds tension adjustability
  • The Pet Safety Cable integrates with Core Trax system to keep your pet safe in the truck bed (compatible only with body harnesses)
  • Each item comes with detailed instructions
  • Backed by a 1-Year Warranty

There comes a time when you need the ability to use accessories outside of what came standard on your original Core Tax cargo management system. Core Trax Tie Down Accessories are here to help for the times when you need a little extra tie-down security.

Core Trax Tie Down Accessories offer a wide variety of locks, knobs, and straps that reinforce your tie-down capability. You can use Double Stud or Utility Locks and Knobs to anchor your tie-downs to the Core Trax system, or you can use a Tugger Rope to tighten up your tie-down rope for a more secure hold. Additionally, you can keep your four-legged family member safe in your truck bed while driving thanks to the unique Pet Safety Cable. No matter what piece or pieces you choose from Core Trax Tie Down Accessories, you receive thorough instructions to ensure correct installation and optimal use.

You've come to expect nothing less than the best from your cargo management system. With Core Trax Tie Down Accessories, you may use your equipment as you choose. A 1-Year Warranty is included.