Coverking Sun Shield

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Product Details

  • Keep your interior cool and protected with the Coverking Sun Shield
  • Each Sun Shield is crafted using your specific vehicle's measurements for a custom fit
  • Premium triple-laminated material offers flexible insulation
  • Mylar shell features aluminized finish that reflects nearly 100% of UV rays
  • Dense foam interior traps heat and insulates the window to keep temperatures down
  • Set up is simple, simply unroll and go; re-roll when you're done
  • Outer windshield frame holds your custom shield in place
  • Manufactured by expert pros right here in America

Every summer brings the same frightening scenario; you get back in your car only to find that it's become a sweltering oven full of blistering vinyl, molten plastic and lava-like leather, all waiting to scald your skin. Once upon a time, the best protection anyone could hope for was accordion-folded cardboard with a pair of sunglasses printed on it. But these days, drivers can invest in a Coverking Sun Shield and have a truly unique sun shield that combines innovative design, premium materials and customized fitment to ensure your interior stays comfortable even in the hottest weather.

It takes a perfect union of premium materials to create a barrier that reflects UV rays and insulates against heat while staying flexible enough to roll up and store effectively. Your Coverking Custom Sun Shield achieves this with a triple layer design - insulation is provided by a particularly dense foam core that is covered with an aluminized Mylar shell that effectively reflects UV rays. The inner mylar layer of the Coverking Sun Shield protects the foam core and adds strength.

It's simple to use your Coverking Sun Shield. Simply unroll it and press it against your glass; its entirely bespoke construction ensures that it is held in place by the outside frame of the windshield. Take the Coverking Sun Shade down and roll it up when you go back to your vehicle. It's made to withstand years of folding and rolling while maintaining its shape and providing ideal shade. Comes with a 1-Year Warranty. 

Coverking Sun Shield Customer Reviews


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5.0 of 5

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who drives a Nissan Maxima

Best. Car. Sunshield. Ever. Bonus points for having a product that PERFECTLY fits the windshield specs of my 25-year-old Nissan Maxima! I have never before purchased a sunshield for ANY car that fits so well — and affordably. Really amazing! Thank you!

Install Time: Instant