CTEK Battery Charger

5311 M Univ.
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Product Details

  • Monitor, maintain and maximize the life of your battery by investing in the CTEK Battery Charger
  • Perfect for reviving and reconditioning lead-acid batteries in vehicles, motorcycles, boats and lawn equipment
  • Indestructible design mitigates accidents by preventing sparks and short circuits
  • CTEK is trusted by top-tier automotive brands around the world
  • Operates in extreme cold and heat: -4°F to +122°F range
  • 2 and 5 Year Warranties available (depending on model)

What’s the point of a car battery that isn’t reliable? Extend the life of your battery with your CTEK Battery Charger. Maintaining the top condition of your lead-acid battery by constantly monitoring its performance will keep you from being stranded and paying for costly towing.

Equivalent to the price of a replacement battery, your CTEK Charger uses a patented de-sulphation function to multiply your battery life by 2 or 3 times. Ensuring maximum battery performance will protect all of your electronic components. And, you can zap more energy out of a ‘dead’ battery by using this tool to recondition old batteries.

From safety circuitry to short-circuit protection, this charger won't spark even if improperly connected. It's also shockproof and rustproof. NAPA AUTO PARTS is proud to offer the CTEK Battery Charger, backed with a 2- or 5-Year Warranty (depending on the model).