Curt Manufacturing Top Wind A-Frame Jack 28202

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  • Part Number: 28202
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  • UPC: 612314006212
  • Lift: 15 In. Lift
  • Capacity: 2,000 lbs. Capacity
  • Rating: (2)

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  • With a Curt A-Frame Trailer Jack, you can safely lift your trailer
  • Compatible with A-frame trailers
  • Bolt-on or weld-on to your frame
  • Top and side wind designs are available
  • Available in either 2,000 pound  or 5,000 pound capacity
  • 14-15 inches of lift

Finally, there's no need to rest your trailer tongue on a sack of cinderblocks or enlist the help of your pals to lift it off the ground. The Curt A-Frame Jack makes raising and lowering your trailer for storage and mounting to ball mounts a breeze. It is designed to suit A-frame trailers and can be welded or bolted to the frame.

Curt A-Frame Trailer Jacks come in two styles: Side Wind and Top Wind. Side Wind Jacks have a 2,000-pound capacity, whereas Top-Wind A-Frame Jacks have a 2,000- or 5,000-pound capacity. Depending on the model, Curt A-Frame Trailer Jacks raise 14, 14.5, or 15 inches. Keep your trailer hoisted correctly and safely with a Curt A-Frame Jack and say goodbye to hurting backs and precariously stored trailers.

Curt A-Frame Jack Customer Reviews


Overall Rating:

4.3 of 5

Average Install Time:

Under 30 minutes


This was an extremely simple replacement. It fit perfectly with the frame and all other (rusty) parts. No problems, the only negative comment I have is the edge of the handle rubs on the top of the cylinder when cranked. It squeaks and rubs the paint - it's easy enough to keep it from rubbing, just a simple design flaw. It looks great!

Install Time: Under 30 minutes