Curt A20 5th Wheel Hitch

6863 C
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Product Details

  • Achieve a seamless towing experience thanks to the Curt A20 5th Wheel Hitch
  • Adjustable to fit three heights with a three-position coupling indicator
  • Tough interlocking jaws lower noise with a wrapped kingpin
  • Torsion head can pivot to provide extra stability
  • Complies with all SAE J2638 qualifications
  • Extended head width makes it easy to use
  • Finished in a protective Black Powder Coat
  • Depending on your make and model, this system is available as:
    • Hitch with Roller & Puck System Adapter
    • Hitch with Roller & Rails
    • Hitch with Roller & Puck System
    • Hitch with Roller
    • Hitch with Puck System Legs
    • Head Only
    • Hitch Only
    • Hitch with Rails
  • Supported by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Trailers are known to be bulky, noisy and kind of a pain to assemble and disassemble. Add in the fear of instability and it's no wonder why towing can be stressful! With the Curt A20 5th Wheel Hitch, you get seamless towing with the utmost security.

The Curt 5th Wheel Hitch comes with a specialized cast yoke that offers incredible stability and flexibility for the torsion head, which can pivot as needed thanks to the toughened interlocking jaws. The incorporated poly-torsion inserts make for a quieter experience, while the extra wide head simplifies use. The easy, one-pin disassembly makes it easy to uncouple, and your hitch even features an stability indicator for those watchful during the drive. Depending on your vehicle, your system comes with a hitch or the addition of a roller and puck system or rails. Your hitch meets all SAE J2638 qualifications, and comes finished in a black powder coat for enhanced protection against rust and corrosion.

NAPA is proud to sell the Curt A20 5th Wheel Hitch with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.