Curt SecureLatch Receiver Mount Ball & Pintle Hitch

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Product Details

  • Coupling has never been easier than the Curt Auto-Lock Ball & Pintle Hitch with SecureLatch Receiver Mount
  • A manual secondary safety pin reinforces the auto-latching design
  • Cast iron structure stays strong and won't wear down
  • Adapts to a wide range of receiver hitches
  • Minimizes annoying noise, chucking and lurching
  • Sports a sleek Battleship Gray finish
  • Comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Once upon a time, securing your payload safely and securely meant a long and backbreaking manual process that could spell trouble for your fingers. But those days are gone with your Curt SecureLatch Receiver Mount Ball & Pintle Hitch. Simply back your truck up in line with the lunette ring or coupler, and a built-in striker plate will stabilize and center the lunette ring, lower it, and hook into an automatically-locking latch. Once that's done and you've checked the coupling, insert the secondary safety pin, and you're ready to tow safely with confidence!

Your Curt SecureLatch Receiver Mount Ball & Pintle Hitch is built to hold the lunette ring securely so that lurching, chucking, and noise are greatly minimized. The unique SecureLatch system is engineered and crafted with precision, using resilient cast iron that has been tempered in an augmented process call austempering for extreme durability. Curt finishes this groundbreaking unit with an eye-catching Battleship Gray coating. This ball & pintle hitch is compatible with a large array of receiver hitches and has a gross trailer weight capacity of 14,000 pounds. A Limited Lifetime Warranty is included.