Curt Manufacturing True Course Trailer Sway Control System 51202

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  • Maximize your towing dependability and safety with the electric Curt True Course Trailer Sway Control System 
  • Eliminates crosswind-related sway, treacherous terrain, and sudden movements
  • Real-time adjustments are made by a microcontroller and motion-sensing technology
  • Works seamlessly with a wide variety of truck models
  • Easy Bluetooth connection to your smartphone
  • Supported by a 1-Year Limited Warranty

Fighting sway is a constant challenge when you're towing a trailer. But the state-of-the-art Curt True Course Trailer Sway Control System is a technologically innovative solution created to combat the sway brought on by sudden maneuvering, difficult driving environments, and high crosswinds. 

Your True Curt Course The Trailer Sway Control System is designed for the ultimate versatility as it works with a sizable range of truck models. It significantly reduces trailer sway in unexpected circumstances by operating independently of the driver's actions. It features a specialized motion-sensing system that can detect trailer motions not fixed by regular weight distribution hitches. The core of this system is a patented, proprietary microprocessor technology that applies the trailer brakes quickly and securely to reduce sway and make towing safer.

Your controller system syncs wirelessly with your smartphone through Bluetooth and is fully compatible with both the OneControl RV and Auto apps, providing the driver with important notifications in real-time. A 1-Year Limited Warranty is included with your purchase. 

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning
ATTN State of California Consumers Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.