Curt XDC Extra Duty Class Receiver Hitch

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Product Details

  • Equip your rig with extreme towing capability with Curt XDC Extra Duty Class Receiver Hitch
  • Crafted to withstand 15,000 pounds towing capacity (16,000 with a weight distribution hitching system)
  • Maximum tongue weight of 1,500 pounds (1,600 pounds with weight distribution)
  • The Curt XDC Hitch can hold more weight than regular Class V hitches, but it still has a 2-inch square receiver 
  • The XDC Hitch, like all Curt Hitches, is made just for your truck, so it fits well
  • Ultra long-lasting Carbide Black powder-coating is formulated to resist scratching even during heavy-duty, frequent towing
  • Rear receiver tube is open to prevent buildup of debris and easy cleaning
  • Unlike other heavy-duty hitches, there is no need for an oversized 4-inch x 4-inch main body
  • Robotic welding offers precision fit and superior strength
  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

The new Curt Extra Duty Class (XDC) Receiver Hitch is crafted, start to finish, to offer maximum strength and optimal towing capability on the heaviest, bulkiest loads. It can pull up to a staggering 15,000 pounds, outdoing other standard Class V hitches. Conveniently, it also sports the standard 2-inch square receiver so you can use all of your ball mounts and other accessories. Every Curt Hitch is engineered specifically to fit your truck or SUV, so it fits precisely, looks great, and keeps your heavy cargo secure.

The Curt XDC Extra Duty Class Receiver Hitch is both strong and made to last. Its robotic welds make sure that the structure is strong and that it fits well. Every XDC Curt Hitch goes through a mechanical de-scaling process and a chemical bath. Then, a flawless and long-lasting Carbide Black powder-coat is applied. The result is a flawless towing hitch that looks great, doesn't rust, and can handle the stresses of heavy-duty towing.

Don't risk putting your big towing needs in the hands of a regular hitch. Instead, get a Curt Extra Duty Class Receiver Hitch for your truck or SUV. It's strong and tough. The phenomenal strength of this Curt Hitch is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.