Dash Designs Carpet Rear Deck Cover

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Product Details

  • Level up your interior upholstery with the added protection of the Dash Designs Carpet Rear Deck Cover
  • Choose from a selection of color and style options (compatible with the Dash Designs Carpet Dashboard Cover)
  • Shields interior from harsh UV rays and cools inner temperatures
  • Made with fully recycled Foss Fiber EcoSpun Carpet
  • Revive your outdated interior with protective style
  • Made to fit your specific vehicle
  • Held by sturdy Velcro straps
  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

While your dashboard and console are front and center, don't neglect the back part of your cabin that's also subjected to harsh UV rays and penetrating heat. With the Dash Designs Carpet Rear Deck Cover, you'll guard that vulnerable backend while elevating your ride's interior.

Your Dash Designs Rear Cover is made to fit your specific vehicle for a snug, OEM look. Constructed with 100% recycled Foss Fiber EcoSpun Carpet, this cover is good for the environment and good for your vehicle. Your cover will help cool cabin temps and protect your back deck from UV damage that could lead to cracks, warps and discoloration. But thankfully, your cover provides more than just protection; it also freshens up your interior with a modern look that can come in your choice of color or style.

This sun shield latches onto your deck with ease thanks to Velcro straps, making it easy to assemble and disassemble whenever necessary. Give your rear deck a taste of the aftermarket with the Dash Designs Carpet Rear Deck Cover. Supported by a Lifetime Warranty.