DashMat SuedeMat Dashboard Cover

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Product Details

  • With a DashMat SuedeMat Dashboard Cover, you get a sophisticated-looking cover that protects the showroom quality of your dashboard
  • Material resembles suede leather in appearance and feel
  • Complements the factory appearance of your vehicle
  • Designed to fit the curves of your specific vehicle flawlessly
  • Blocks annoying and dangerous windshield glare
  • Prevents  dashboard from warping, fading and cracking from sun exposure
  • Changing temperatures won't cause it to shrink, melt or buckle
  • Comes in your choice of color: Beige, Black, Gray, or Smoke
  • Backed by a 2-Year Warranty

Suede is one of the most opulent materials on the market, but it can be expensive and finicky when faced with extreme temperature conditions usually found inside a vehicle. The DashMat SuedeMat is built from a premium quality material that both looks and feels like suede but can stand up to harsh environments.

The SuedeMat is not only gorgeous to look at and delightful to touch, but it also protects your dashboard from sun damage. The DashMat SuedeMat is measured and crafted for a flawless fit on the inside contours of your specific vehicle's make and model. To complement most OE interior trim, it's available in your choice Black, Gray, Smoke, or Beige. The SuedeMat Dash Mat is non-reflective, which eliminates irritating and harmful windshield glare.

Another common frustration is the peculiar condition known as Plasticizer Migration. This occurs when the chemicals within vinyl create gases that produce a haze on your windshield - a dangerous situation that can hinder visibility. Other cheaper dash covers can stain your factory dash through Plasticizer Migration, devaluing your car. Your DashMat SuedeMat will keep both your windshield and your dashboard pristine while coating your dash in a luxurious layer of protection. It comes with a 2-Year Warranty.