DC Sports Cold Air Intake System

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Product Details

  • Suck in a constant flow of cool, clean air with the DC Sports Cold Air Intake System
  • Advanced engineering positions the extra-long pipe at a greater distance from the heat of your engine
  • Avoid contamination of your air flow sensor, and relish in the simple maintenance of the incorporated oil-free filter
  • Customized for an exact match to your make and model
  • Provides a flashy look with polished aluminum fabrication
  • Unmistakably distinct engine rumble

You know the combustion system of your vehicle needs more direct air. But you also know that forcing a bunch of hot air into your engine isn’t going to improve the performance to a level that makes an investment or a DIY project worth it. But with the DC Sports Cold Air Intake System, an elongated shape sets the intake further away from your engine block, giving you more bang for your buck.

Constructed from premium polished aluminum, the DC Sports System is an attractive addition under your hood. This exhaust component is also customized for a perfect fit on your specific make and model.

A high-flow air filter is also incorporated in the design. The oil-free filter prevents contamination of your mass airflow sensor, which will guarantee optimal power and MPG. Plus, maintenance could not be easier with your DC Sports Cold Air Intake System!