DC Sports Short Ram Intake System

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  • Our Price: $136.99 - $278.99
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Product Details

  • Intensify your vehicle's output without compromising efficiency with the DC Sports Short Ram Intake System
  • Supreme, no-oil filter eliminates potential contamination while simplifying upkeep
  • Depending on vehicle, dual intakes may be available
  • Transforms your vehicle's rumble to a growl
  • Made to fit your exact make and model
  • Improves horsepower and gas mileage
  • Features polished aluminum finish

If you want to boost your vehicle's performance, your engine needs direct access to consistent airflow. An intake system is a crucial part of engine output and longevity that helps ignite the internal mechanics of combustion. Don't waste your engine's breath. Get better gas mileage, horsepower and torque with the DC Sports Short Ram Intake System.

Engineered for a vehicle-specific fit, this short ram intake is designed to take your engine's output to the next level. Thanks to rigorous testing standards and quality control done by DC Sports, your new intake practically guarantees mad gains. Made from durable aluminum with a sleek polished finish, your intake seamlessly fits under the hood and maintains a toughened growl to match your rugged looks. Included in your intake is an oil-free filter that maximizes airflow without the risk of sensor contamination.

Encourage combustion excellence with free-flowing engine air thanks to the DC Sports Short Ram Intake System.