DK2 Plows Open Rail Utility Trailer MMT6X10

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  • The sturdy DK2 Open Rail Utility Trailer is constructed entirely of tubular Steel and can tow any range of loads
  • Designed to function with any size of vehicle with a 1,295-pound weight capacity
  • The adaptable rear gate serves as a ramp
  • Protected with a 1-Year Limited Warranty

Choosing the proper trailer for your automobile might be challenging, particularly if you drive a smaller vehicle. Fortunately, the DK2 Open Rail Utility Trailer comes designed to fit any vehicle size. Also, this trailer can handle a range of carrying activities thanks to the open-side rail design.

The DK2 Utility Trailer is made of welded tubular Steel and has a load capacity of 1,295 lbs. The versatile rear gate may be used for loading and unloading by lying flat, supporting itself vertically with strength or even by lying down to serve as a ramp. This trailer was designed with unbroken balance and simple maneuverability in mind.

This trailer's 4' x 6' dimensions make it ideal for both large and compact automobiles, as well as lawn machines or ATVs. NAPA proudly sells the DK2 Open Rail Utility Trailer protected with a 1-Year Limited Warranty.