DK2 Snow Plow Wireless Remote Control

5753 Univ.
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Product Details

  • Your DK2 Plow now has wireless functionality thanks to the WR100 Wireless Winch Remote
  • No more keeping your window open
  • Wiring through the dash is not necessary
  • Straightforward key fob style
  • Incompatible with the DK2 Everest Snow Plow

It's no secret, by the late days of winter, things get truly exasperating. But you already know this because you own a DK2 Plow. You can push some significant powder because you are prepared and capable. But maintaining control of your plow usually means running wire to your winch through your truck's open window. But if you use the DK2 Wireless Winch Remote Conversion Kit, forget that frosty inconvenience.

With the DK2 Wireless Winch Remote Control Conversion Kit, you can operate it from the convenience of a closed (and warm!) cab. Please take note that the DK2 Everest Snow Plow is incompatible.