EBC Orange Stuff Brake Pads

6584 M
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Product Details

  • Enhance your vehicle's brakes with EBC Orange Stuff Brake Pads designed for optimal performance
  • Installation is simple and requires no further modifications
  • Perfect for competitive driving but also street legal
  • Up to 60% longer lasting than OEM brake pads and can withstand temperatures of up to 1300°F without fading
  • Backed by a 12-Month/10,000-Mile Warranty

If you spend as much time at the race track or drag strip as you spend stuck in morning traffic, you should be sure your brake pads are as race-ready as you are. You can equip your racer with any upgrade under the sun, but without some serious stopping power, those other upgrades aren’t worth much.

If you're a motor enthusiast who spends most of your free time on the racetrack or drag strip, it's essential that you give your brakes the same attention and care you'd give to any other area of your vehicle. Failing to ensure that your brakes are capable of providing adequate stopping power can render all those other upgrades redundant. If you race, you need brake pads that bite - pads like EBC Orange Stuff Brake Pads.

Rated highest for braking performance, your EBC Orange Stuff Brake Pads immediately improve fade resistance in heavy braking situations and daily driving alike. An uncompromising initial bite is the key to a boosted stopping power when cold or hot. Scorching - or thermally treating the surface of the pad - minimizes your bed-in time and renders green fade obsolete. Harder, longer-lasting material boasts a lifespan of up to 60% longer than your stock pads. S

pecifically designed for your make and model, each pad is designed as a simple direct-fit replacement. After a simple DIY installation, these pads are perfect for your dedicated track car or daily driver. Backed by a 12-Month/10,000-Mile Warranty.