EBC Sport Rotors

2092 M
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Product Details

  • Upgrade to the reliable, advanced technology of EBC Sport Brake Rotors
  • End brake fade thanks to the precision-engineered dimples that expel brake gases
  • Robust composition of EBC Sport Rotors will not crack like cross-drilled rotors
  • Anodized zinc coat prevents rusting of non-swept surfaces
  • Expansive slots draw in cold air and eject dust and debris
  • Aftermarket rotors arrive already balanced for vibration-free application
  • Sold in sets of two for the front or rear of your sedan, pickup or deluxe SUV
  • Customized for your specific make and model for direct-replacement install
  • Backed by a 12-Month/10,000-Mile Warranty

Stay cooled off, while still generating all the friction you need, with a set of high-performance EBC Sport Rotors. Even in extreme heat, your aftermarket replacement sport rotors are fabricated for a solid pad bite that produces steady stopping power when it matters most.

Engineered to incorporate expansive slots that draw in cold air and eject brake dust, moisture and road grime. Your sleek rotors are guaranteed to go the distance, and your brake pads will stay in great condition for longer. These EBC Rotors also stop brake fade thanks to precise dimples that vent pad gases.

Your Sport Rotors are topped off with an anodized zinc coating to prevent corrosion and elevate your vehicle’s style. Each part is customized for your specific make or model for a direct-fit install. The EBC Sport Brake Rotors come in sets of two (for either the front or rear) with a 12-Month/10,000-Mile Warranty.