Edge Insight CS2 Monitor

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Product Details

  • Get in tune with your ride by reading your vehicle's metrics through the Edge Insight C S2 Monitor
  • High-res, 2.4-inch screen features 6 buttons and is customizable
  • Retrieves ODB-II data to relay critical engine readings
  • Great for diesel or conventional gas vehicles
  • Features a modern and compact style
  • Supported by a 1-Year Warranty

A lot of aftermarket add-ons promise advanced performance and serious gains, but you can also harness that same potential by understanding your engine's power and limits. Get in tune with your gas or diesel machine by investing in the Edge Insight CS2 Monitor! After all, knowledge is power.

The Edge Monitor gives the driver the power and confidence to push the pedal and reap the benefits. By closely tracking key metrics from your ODB-II port, the Edge Monitor relays clear, concise readings on a modern screen with a 6-button panel that's easily customizable. It's a great stand-alone device or a complement to your other tuning technology.

The compact design, update-ready software and HDMI-like plug make this monitor an excellent choice for any driver who wants a closer look into the status of their vehicle's lifeblood. Get quick, accurate internal readings to fuel your adventure with the Edge Insight CS2 Monitor. Supported by a 1-Year Warranty.