Edge Pillar Mounts

2037 M
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Product Details

  • Monitor your vehicle's performance without taking your eyes off the road with Edge Pillar Mounts
  • Simple monitor mount keeps your line of sight elevated and on the road ahead
  • Features a streamlined, factory appearance that complements your vehicle's interior
  • Each mount is crafted to fit the specific make and model of your ride
  • Black pods can be painted to fit your interior hues
  • Works great for Evolution and Juice w/ Attitude systems

The last thing you need is another screen to look down at when you're driving. But it can be hard to do if you want to monitor your engine output and tuning. Now you can check your performance module and keep your eyes elevated and on the road ahead with Edge Pillar Mounts. 

Your Edge Pillar Mount joins your performance monitor to your dashboard in a location where you can easily see the screen while also keeping your eyes level with the road. These pillar mounts are designed to integrate seamlessly with your truck's interior style and hue. There's no need to change your visual field and look down or over - your performance monitoring module mounts to your dashboard so all you have to do is flick your eyes from side to side and you have all the information you need.

This dash pod arrives in black but can be painted to fit the interior design of your vehicle. A streamlined and finished factory appearance keeps everything tidy and in the proper place, especially your eyes when driving! With Edge Pillar Mounts, you won't risk looking away from the road to check your engine performance.