Eibach Control Arm

  • Our Price: $240.00 - $710.00
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Product Details

  • Replace your OE suspension with the Eibach Control Arm, specifically suited for lowriders
  • Gain improved steadiness with this aftermarket piece that holds everything together
  • Accommodates giant tires and wheels, while increasing contact and friction
  • Assists in distributing the torque created by the brakes and drive train
  • Take advantage of better steering response
  • Comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Is your vehicle slow to respond to your commands behind the wheel? Is your car, truck, sedan or SUV jittering and shaking on the easiest of drives? Are your tires unbalanced? Pick up the slack and restore some balance with the Eibach Control Arm, before your situation goes from bad to the worse repair bill possible.

Your new aftermarket Control Arm incorporates a race-ready application. This suspension arm is a direct replacement that bolsters the frame of your vehicle to upgrade the torque and tire contact. The robust engineering gains you better control from the driver’s seat and keeps the entire suspension system connected.

Your Eibach Control Arm is customized for a seamless application to your exact make and model. It's emissions-legal in all 50 states. NAPA is proud to offer the Eibach Control Arm with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.