Eibach Drag Launch

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Product Details

  • Eibach Drag Launch Springs give you race-ready performance and style
  • Potentially reduce track times by up to 0.4 seconds (depending on application)
  • This high-performance spring is ideal for racing enthusiasts
  • Provides maximum traction
  • Reliable launch performance
  • Custom-fit for each vehicle
  • Comes with a 10-Year Warranty from Eibach

Eibach Drag Launch Springs give you a competitive edge. Developed with the same technology top racers trust, these springs have been engineered with a race track in mind to offer maximum traction and consistent launches to help power your way to victory.

Your Eibach Drag Launch Springs get your ride race ready. They provide precision-engineered quality, helping you control axle torque and reduce track times by up to 0.4 seconds. These custom kits are a surefire way for racers everywhere to access the best in launch performance without sacrificing reliability or savings on maintenance costs down the road. Your purchase is backed by Eibach's 10-Year Warranty.